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Solar Powered and SIM Card Wireless IP camera CCTV System

Don’t let power hinder you from protecting your remote property. You can now monitor that your property located far away where there in no power  e.g farm, building sites etc. Even with SIM card enabled

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7 Popular types of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are mostly used for covert operations where the individual being monitored is unaware. Technology has brought about a revolution in the design of very tiny cameras built into devices that can hardly be

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How to view CCTV on your mobile phone or remotely on computer

cctv installation with mobile view

The CCTV security system has become a very common installation in recent times largely because of the need to improve security and combat crimes in homes, schools, shops, and other businesses places where human activities

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IP CCTV and Analogue Camera Prices in Nigeria

Getting CCTV security protection has become very much essential for every home and business in Nigeria and the demand has been on the rise in recent times. The good thing about this is the revolution

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What you need to know about CCTV security system

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is a security system that makes use of different type of security cameras to monitor movements or motions around target areas. In most cases, the image sensed by the camera

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